36 Weeks

We’re getting there, slowly but surely…

She became heavy to carry about a week and a half ago and it’s really uncomfortable when she moves around a lot in there because it’s really pretty cramped, but otherwise I’m doing well in terms of 3rd trimester woes: only occasional mild heartburn, occasional back pain (usually at night when I’ve been carrying her around all day), not too much to complain about really, just walking around with a watermelon in front of me so gracious is really not my thing right now.

These were taken at the beginning of the week and we had a scan to determine her size and position. Everything’s fine and she weighs about 6lbs 9oz so she’ll be a good size no matter when she comes. Oh and I look incredibly happy because the hubs likes to make me laugh by being goofy while he takes pictures.

Now if only the delivery gods could be so kind as to spare me a long and arduous labor process…



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