32 Weeks

I don’t know what you see in the pictures, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I think I can see the size difference between two weeks ago and now. It doesn’t seem to translate as much in the pictures though (at least to me). Do I look like I’ve put on about 33lbs already? because that’s what the scale says. I don’t have any oedema except for not being able to put on my rings until a few minutes after I’ve gotten up in the morning. Any rational explanations for this? Anyone wanna take bets on my hitting 40lbs by the end?

Yes, I’m wearing huge sweatpants. They’re Afif’s sweatpants and I like to wear them indoors because they’re more comfortable to lounge in than my pregnancy jeans. I’m pregnant. Bite me.

The little person pushes and stretches now more than kicks. She still kicks sometimes when she wants to make a point but it’s getting tighter in there all the time. When she pushes hard it actually hurts now because I am not made of rubber. I stare at my stomach sometimes to see her move from the outside, that’s always what I’ve found looked fascinating on pregnant women actually, the way you see the movement from the outside. I get daily messages from whattoexpect.com from the what to expect when you’re expecting book, which is incredibly repetitive by the way, and they increasingly talk about my belly button having popped out, it’s like they’re obsessed or something. This is funny because my belly button hasn’t popped out, although Afif remarked a while back that it had gotten considerably smaller, but by now I think it looks smaller vertically and wider horizontally. I wonder if it will eventually pop out and that’s how I’ll know she’s thoroughly baked and ready to come out.



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One response to “32 Weeks

  1. Fanouche

    Let me tell you that my belly button NEVER popped out !!!!!
    You look great ;o)

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