30 Weeks – The Home Stretch

Sorry, I could kick myself for not taking pictures in between 20 weeks and now but she’s doing plenty of kicking (and punching) for the both of us. She reacts to food she likes and music she likes, she informs me she knows I’ve woken up in the morning by vigorously working out in there. I think she’s trying to tell me it’s getting cramped in there, but there isn’t much I can do about that, it’s only going to get more cramped.

I’m still surprised when I see myself in the mirror and maybe that’s just not going to stop until she comes out, but I just never expected to see myself like this. I asked Afif to take a picture of me too rather than just my belly from the side so that all the pictures are not of an abstract growing belly in the end. Probably the biggest surprise is that, when I see myself in a mirror from head to toe, I’m not as huge as I think I am. You will probably beg to differ…


Big Belly


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One response to “30 Weeks – The Home Stretch

  1. Tanya

    You look absolutely faaaaab!!!! I think you’re quite tiny really…well…except for the bebe in the belly. But that is as it should be. 🙂

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