20 Weeks + Ultrasound


We’ve been packing and packing and running around figuring out the moving, so I’m a little late posting this but here it is.

The likelihood that the squatter is a girl is about 99%. We actually woke her up for the ultrasound, yes we saw her yawn and stretch which was pretty cool, and then she started wiggling and got wigglier and wigglier as we went along, which meant that by the end she was not willing to give us a good view. But the technician saw enough for a few seconds that we’re pretty sure it’s a girl, and since it coincides with what the private ultrasound doctor said, we’re going with a little squatterette.



And a picture of my ever-expanding belly, which fortunately now looks pregnant as opposed to beer-guzzling.




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2 responses to “20 Weeks + Ultrasound

  1. I love the photo of your mildly pregnant belly. Looks so feminine and elegant. I feel like I can almost say hi to the little squattette (my simplification of your name for her).

  2. La squatteuse seems in fine form and you should be proud of your belly! Don’t forget the cocoa butter stuff to keep your skin supple. 🙂

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